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Blackboard Binghamton Login – Binghamton University

Blackboard binghamton is one of many online colleges that is recognized as a good college. There are many online courses students can take without attending meeting in the real class. In order to join the online class at Binghamton online courses students need to do course registration. Here are steps to do course registration at blackboard Binghamton.

Steps to Do Course Registration at Blackboard Binghamton

binghamton university blackboard login

In order to register to a course at Binghamton online course, students need to log in first. The first step is accessing https://cas.cc.binghamton.edu/cas/login BU BRAIN Self Service through the Portal at my.binghamton.edu. Then, enter student’s User ID and password, and click on the BU BRAIN Self Service icon located on the left side of the main Portal page. Next, to navigate to course building area you need to click on ‘Student’ tab and select ‘Registration’ on the screen below. Choose ‘Select Term’ and select ‘Add/Drop Course’. Those are steps to log in to a course at blackboard binghamton.

After the process of log in is successful you may want to add, remove or access other websites. To add course(s) you need to locate the Course Registration Number (CRN) that consists of a five-digit code to each course. Then, enter the CRN in the course field at the bottom of the screen and click ‘submit changes’ to save your added course(s). You need to know that courses at blackboard binghamton may be added until the add/drop deadline so you need to be passion if your courses aren’t added directly.

To remove/drop course(s) select the course you want to remove or you the drop down menu to select ‘web drop’ and then click ‘submit changes’ to update the latest schedule. The things you need to know in taking online courses like in this college are about the registration reminders. If certain course needs an associated activity, lab, discussion or seminar make sure to input corresponding CRN at the same time and if you don’t do it you’ll receive an on-screen system error.