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Blackboard UO – University of Oregon

Blackboard UO Learn. University of Oregon is also one of university that has used blackboard system to improve their student education quality. Unfortunately, we often hear many students not only from this university still have difficulty to login to their blackboard account.

Why You Cannot Login to Blackboard UO

blackboard uo edu

Are you having the same problem too like them whenever you want to login to blackboard UO? Well, if you have that problem too, then we suggest you to read this article first. We will share to you about how to login to blackboard UO account and solve any problem that you encounter when trying to login to your blackboard account.

In the first time, we need to know first about what make you cannot login to your blackboard account. Actually, we have found some problems that can make you cannot login to your blackboard account. Here are those problems that make you are hardly to login to your account.

  • You are not entering username and password properly. Remember that your username and password for entering to University of Oregon is your Duck ID.
  • If you have surely entered the proper username and password but you still cannot login to your account, then your duck ID maybe have expired. Your duck ID will be expired in 180 days.

If you are encountering the problem in logging into your blackboard account because your duck ID has expired, then you should activated your duck ID first. Here is the guidance to activate your duck ID again.

  • You need to go to¬†https://blackboard.uoregon.edu/ for activating again your duck ID.
  • If you are not able to active it anymore, you can create the new duck ID.
  • However, if you are still having problem with logging into blackboard OU, you should contact your instructor or IT staff on your university as soon as possible.