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Blackboard UTK – University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Blackboard UTK Learn. The University of Tennessee Knoxville is using blackboard system too right now. It is great because with using this online system, student can have better learning experience. However, because this is new system, some students may have problems with using it properly.

Assignment with Blackboard UTK

blackboard utk edu

Many of them are experiencing problem when they want to submit assignment with using Blackboard UTK. Are you experiencing that problem too? Well, if you have faced that problem, then it is the time for you to learn about how to submit your assignment with using Blackboard UTK properly.

  • Actually, submitting assignment is not hard at all when you are using blackboard system. If you are still thinking submitting assignment is hard to do, you can follow our guidance below.
  • When you want to submit the assignment that your instructor has given to you, then you should login first to your blackboard account.
  • You need to go to https://bblearn.utk.edu/ and enter your username and password for entering to your blackboard account.
  • When you have entered to your account, then you should check your course menu.
  • In the course menu, you will be able to see any assignment that available for you.
  • You need to read the instruction to do the assignment first.
  • When you have done the assignment, click on the assignment title.
  • If you want to attach the assignment that you have done, you only need to press browse your computer and choose the file of your assignment.
  • You only need to upload that file like when you are attaching file in email.
  • After you have been sure enough that the file you have attached is correct, you only need to press send button.
  • Make sure to check the file twice before you press submit assignment with using Blackboard UTK.