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BMCC Blackboard Learn Login Portal

BMCC Blackboard – Distance learning is an education program which is carried out through online education program. This program is created specifically to accommodate learning process for students who cannot access the conventional education program. With the advance of education technology, it is possible now to perform teaching and learning process through out the internet. The internet assists most of the distance learning teaching and learning processes and this system is supported with specific online education portal program. This program is called the blackboard. Blue Mountain Community College as one of the distance learning program providers integrated the blackboard to its distance learning program. The portal is called BMCC Blackboard.

BMCC Blackboard for Students of Distance Learning Program

bmcc cuny blackboard learn login edu

Distance learning program students can really benefit from this online education portal. The portal provides information related with their academic program, such as courses details, courses materials, courses schedules, assignments, and grades. Students can also interact with other students and the teaching staff using the BMCC Blackboard online seminar program. This program is created in a way that seminar can be carried out online. Students only need to know the schedule for online seminar and can join upon registration. The BMCC blackboard also provides student email service where students can make use of this email address for their academic needs.

How to Use BMCC Blackboard

Using BMCC Blackboard is very simple. All you need is your identification and your password code in order to log in into your blackboard account http://www.bmcc.cuny.edu/elearning . Each student has personal access to their blackboard and when logging in they will be able to see all of their courses details. Students can find new announcement or updates posted by their professor and teaching staff under the section courses annoucement. To retrieve documents about the courses, such as materials and courses schedules, students can click on the course and in instant lists of information about the course will appear. To communicate with the professor, students can either use the chat menu or send email using their student email account provided in the blackboard.