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CCC Blackboard – City Colleges of Chicago

CCC Blackboard Learn. Do you know that many university and colleges are using blackboard system right now? Yes, blackboard is special system that can help student a lot. You will be able to manage many things inside of blackboard account.

Inside of CCC Blackboard

ccc blackboard com edu learn

That is why, no doubt anymore if not only university used this system, college is also using it right now. City College of Chicago is one of college that is using blackboard. Have you planned to send your children to this college? If you do, then you should know first, about what you can have inside of CCC blackboard.

If you want to know more about what you can have inside of CCC blackboard, you can read this article. It is because we will share some information about what inside blackboard account in this page.

Actually, you are able to find much good info inside of your blackboard account. Because of that, many universities and colleges decided to provide this system for their students. Here are the entire things that you can find easily with using blackboard system.

  • Tools

In the tools area that you can find easily in the top left area of your blackboard account https://ccc.blackboard.com/, you are able to see important announcement, academic calendar, and the goals.

  • Course catalog

In the course catalog area, you are able to see many courses that are available for you in blackboard system.

  • Report card

In the report card area, you will be able to check and see the grade of each course that you have taken.

  • My task

My task area is the area for checking your task. You will be able to find the task whenever your instructors have posted it into the instructor blackboard system.

  • My courses

My courses areas are showing any courses that you have chosen. This area is the most important area that you should check properly when you are using CCC blackboard.