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CCHS Moodle – Concord Carlisle High School Moodle

CCHS Moodle – The number of schools and education institutions that offer online education and online course has been increasing recently. There are a lot of factors that make this kind of development possible, and one of the examples of the factors that makes this happen is the invention of Moodle. Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented dynamic learning environment, and this dynamic learning environment has let a lot of schools and education institutions such as CCHS with its CCHS Moodle to do a lot of educational activities outside the class. So, what kind of activities that can be done using Moodle?

Using CCHS Moodle for assignment submission

cchs moodle

One of the most loved features of Moodle is the assignment submission feature. This kind of feature has been used at CCHS Moodle for submitting the assignment online. This kind of ways of submitting the assignment is very helpful in the case in which the instructor of the class is not able to go to the school and collect the assignments from the students. For example, if you, as an instructor, wants to get the score before the holiday ends, you can ask your students to submit the assignment during the holiday so that when the holiday ends, they can already get the score that they have for their assignment.

CCHS Moodle for class discussion

Online discussion is now getting more and more common. Online discussion is done because both the students and the instructors of the class need some more extra time to discuss some particular issues that can be done in the class due to the limitation of time in the class. This kind of discussion has been done by the staff and the students in CCHS using CCHS Moodle. So, what do you think about that? Do you want to experience the Moodle system at your school?