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CMU Blackboard – Carnegie Mellon University

CMU Blackboard Learn Login. In many years later, we have seen many universities have used online learning system that provided with blackboard system. Actually, it is great news for you who want to gain degree but do not want to spend too much money just for living in another country.

Course in CMU Blackboard

cmu blackboard login learn

However, many people still have problem with the usage of blackboard system. Most of them find that some courses are not available in blackboard system. Well, you will not need to worry if you are choosing Carnegie Mellon University as the place to take degree. It is because you are able to request unavailable courses in CMU blackboard.

Yes, you are able to request any courses that are not available in the blackboard system and it is very easy to do it. If you have registered as student in Carnegie Mellon University, you need to learn about how to request courses in this university blackboard system.

When you want to request a course, which is not available in CMU blackboard, you can follow our guidance below.

  • You need to open your browser and go to http://www.cmu.edu/blackboard/
  • After that, you will be able to see login area and request a course area on top left page.
  • For you who have searched and cannot find course that you want to take, you can press request a course button.
  • After that, you will be derived to new page, which have many blank forms that you need to fill with your information and course information.
  • If you have filled the entire forms, then you need to press submit button which you can find in the bottom page area.
  • The last thing that you need to do is waiting until your request approved by lecturer and CMU blackboard
  • You need to login to your blackboard account to check the availability of the course that you requested.