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Cornell Blackboard – Cornell University

Cornell Blackboard Learn. Are you a student in Cornell University? Have you known that the Cornell blackboard, which you are using in your university, will gain new features? Yes, the blackboard system that is used in Cornell University will be upgraded at June 3rd 2014. In that time, no student will able to use this system.

Cornell Blackboard New Features

Cornell University edu Blackboard Learn LoginHowever, you maybe want to know about what the new feature that you can enjoy in new blackboard system. If you want to know about it, you can read this article. We will share that information on this article.

Actually, the Cornell blackboard will gain major upgrade. It is because you will be able to see many new features later. Do you want to know what kinds of those features that will be available in blackboard system? Here are those new features that you can see in blackboard system that used by Cornell University.

  • Grade center improvement

Instruction is having capability to set about how the grade will be displayed in student blackboard account.

  • Group management

It is easier to manage a group with large student inside now. It is easier to find out any student that is not having group now.

  • Improvement in test

Online test is also gaining improvement on this new blackboard system. Instructor can make you take online test on specific place with using IP address of your computer or laptop.

  • Student video upload

Now you are able to upload video file format that you are recording with using webcam.