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CPCC Blackboard – Central Piedmont Community College

CPCC Blackboard Learn. Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) announces the running of Blackboard portal to support their learning and teaching program. The Blackboard portal is an online learning system which accomodates academic management through features that manages the sharing of information between students and teaching staff. CPCC Blackboard is launched to add online elements to CPCC education system that tackles the problem of the traditional face-to-face learning and teaching process. With this program, it is expected that students can make the most out of their academic program through virtual learning environment.

CPCC  Blackboard Login Portal

cpcc edu blackboard login

CPCC Blackboard portal is designed to support online education program that is one of the most prestigious program in CPCC. The school is known to provide a reputable online education program that assists those who need long distance learning feature to support their academic program. With Blackboard portal that is available online, students are no longer required to personally manage their academic program as it is provided in a one centralised program accomodated with Blackboard system.

This program allows students to share information, acquire details about their course, communicate with the teaching staff, and customise their academic needs easily through one single portal. Students no longer need to send email to their professor through personal email address as they are provided with email access in their Blackboard portal.

Regular students can also use CPCC Blackboard portal. Through CPCC Blackboard, students can acquire course materials and assignments in just one single portal. They can also arrange discussion and chat with their professor through the chat program that is provided on the portal as well. To acquire information about grade and assessment details, students can also look up at their blackboard portal and simply click their assessment and grade menu. To understand the proper way to use Blackboard portal, students can learn it online by visiting Blackboard official website.

Access and user login http://blackboard.cpcc.edu/