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Cunyfirst Login Portal

Cunyfirst Login Portal – Signing on to CUNYfirst Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool from anywhere, at any time – enables students to manage their academic careers and financial accounts in real some time more. Find out more It provides faculty additional tools to improve their interaction with students. It is also designed to present staff access to powerful processes that connect along aided by the finance, student administration and human resources functions required to operate the nation’s largest urban university. CUNYfirst uses the most sophisticated technology to serve our students, faculty and staff.

Cunyfirst Login Portal

To own the ability to register for classes you must activate your CUNYfirst account. If you have not yet activated your CUNYfirst account, please proceed along because of the instruction below to do so.

  •   Visit home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu
  •   Click on very first time users
  •   Enter your data, first name, last name, date of birth with slashes. So by way of example for January 5st, 1990 type 01/05/1990
  •   Go in to the last 4 digits of this SS#, and then click on OK.
  •   Regarding the next page you need to see 5 drop down menu. You Should choose 5 challenge questions through the drop down menu and then answer them. Please choose questions you are almost certainly very likely to recall the answers for it.
  •   Through the next page you are planning to then choose your password. Please make sure your password has reached least 8 characters in addition to most thirteen characters. you actually must have a minimum of one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and 1 number in your password.
  •   Please try not to confuse your password which you select and your CUNY ID (empl IDI.D.)

•   into the end write down your CUNYfirst username (first name, period, last name, two numbers) and your eight digits CUNY I.D.