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CWI Blackboard – College of Western Idaho

CWI Blackboard – The advance of education technology has brought the Blackboard system. This system is designed to accommodate education system management which enables students and teaching staff to conveniently interact and manage their academic program. The College of Western Idaho implemented CWI Blackboard which is assisted with central server Blackboard system, allowing students to be able to manage their courses details in such ease. With Blackboard, students do not need to depend on conventional teaching and learning process any longer. Instead, they are given easy access to obtain information about their courses, download materials and share documents, obtain information about grades, schedules, assignments, and many other things easily through blackboard.

How Does CWI Blackboard Work

my cwi blackboard learn login

The CWI Blackboard is operated online within a secure connection using the academic institution network environment. Students can only log in to their blackboards using their specific identification and password code. Within the blackboard, students can find information about their academic enrollment. The blackboard provide list of courses taken during the whole program and within each course students can find detailed information about the respective course. Students can arrange academic discussion using the given interaction menu. They can also utilise the student email service which allow them to communicate with other students and professor easily. The students need to bear in mind that the student email account has to be used for academic purposes.

Submitting Assignment Using the Blackboard

Before blackboard existed, students are required to hand in hard copies of their assignment to their professor and student service office. Now with the CWI Blackboard, students can easily submit their assignments online. To submit assignments online, students simply need to log in into their blackboard portal https://blackboard.cwidaho.cc/and click on the menu about assignment submission. The students will be required to sign in anti-plagiarism declaration before uploading their assignment documents. After uploading the documents, students need to finalised the submission.