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FAU Blackboard – Florida Atlantic University

FAU Blackboard. Florida Atlantic University is one of university that is using blackboard system. However, we have gained the announcement that FAU blackboard is no longer like before. The blackboard that is used on this university is gaining update feature, which will give even more convenient both for student and for lecture in learning process.

FAU Blackboard New Features

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Are you student in Florida Atlantic University? If you are the student on this university, then you must want to know about what kinds of interesting features that you can enjoy in this new blackboard.

If you want to know about the entire new feature that available in FAU blackboard, then you can find out it here. Actually, we have found approximately about 5 interesting features available on this new blackboard that used by Florida Atlantic University. Here are those five features.

  • Achievement

Achievement feature is the feature that make lecturer can give reward or badge to any student that give the best mark. Student can find out about how to get reward on each course that they have taken on blackboard.

  • Quick link

It is not hard anymore to jump directly from blackboard to other important page, which referred in assignment or note in blackboard. It is because you can do it after blackboard implemented quick link feature.

  • Course message notification

Notification bar is always the most important thing. It is because this feature can help notify us if something new appears. This feature is available in the new blackboard system.

  • My grade

Well, maybe you have seen my grade feature on the previous blackboard, but in this new blackboard, my grade is coming with new design and new option, which can help you to choose which grade, can be and not be displayed.

  • Lockdown browser

Lockdown browser actually is not included inside of blackboard system. You need to install it separately. However, because this system is used to help improving blackboard usage, then we make it once with blackboard.

Lockdown browser is system that will not allow you to open any site when you are taking course test with using blackboard, which have marked with lockdown browser test needed.

Those are the entire new features that you can enjoy in FAU blackboard.