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Fresno State Blackboard – California State University

My Fresno State Blackboard. Are you entering to Fresno State University? Congratulation if you are coming to this university. However, have you known about Fresno State blackboard? As a new student, you maybe still do not understand anything about what blackboard is.

Logging into Fresno State Blackboard

my fresno state blackboard login learn

Blackboard is the system that is used as learning portal. With using this system, not only lecturer can gain benefits, even we can say that students are gaining more benefit with this system.

If you are new student, then usually you must not understand about how to login and use Fresno State blackboard. However, before showing you about how to login your blackboard account, we need to inform you first about what you should have for logging into your blackboard account. Here are some important things that you should have if you want to login to your account.

  • For logging into your blackboard account https://bbl-app.learn.fresnostate.edu/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp, you will need to have Fresno State email. It is because the username and password that used on the Fresno State email will be used for username and your password when you login to blackboard.
  • You will need to have computer or any mobile device that have internet connection.

What about if you have no any Fresno State emails at all, how to get it? Well, if you have no Fresno State email, then you should register it first. It is not difficult to get Fresno State Email. You can follow our instruction below.

  • For you who want to create Fresno State email, you can go to googleapps.fresnostate.edu/signup.
  • After that, you need to fill student ID and your birthday too.
  • Press continues if you have entered that information.
  • After that, you only need to follow the entire instruction that you will be shown on the page.

If your email has done, you can use it for logging into your Fresno State blackboard account.