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GMU Blackboard – George Mason University

GMU Blackboard Learn. In this modern era where technology holds an important role in supporting every aspect of human life including education, it is very important for education institution to keep in touch with the changing trend in the education technology field. Improving the quality of education system and service means that education institution can keep up with the academic needs of both students and teaching staff so that the learning and teaching process can run smoothly.

Application of GMU Blackboard

gmu blackboard login edu

George Mason University implements the GMU Blackboard in order to support the learning and teaching process which is now moving towards a more modern stage. By supporting an online academic system through Blackboard portal, GMU provides both students and professors the ease in running course program effectively and easily.

We cannot deny that technology holds an important role in determining the course program to run smoothly. Technology becomes central as it accomodates students need in acquiring every information that they need and also supports them in fulfilling their course’s requirements in such an ease.

The GMU Blackboard allows students to arrange their course needs, including sending and receiving course assessment materials, communication with professor of the given course, access information and details of their course, and many more. In the near future, GMU Blackboard can even accommodate students’ group communication which enables the course to extend its presence to online world.

The GMU Blackboard system is not only made to accommodate students need in their study, but also to make the teaching staff’s work easier. With Blackboard portal, teaching staff can share information, such as providing important notices, sharing course’s materials, assignments, and assessments, and also communicate personally with each student.

Blackboard portal allows the course to move further to a more accessible student teacher communication. This portal is useful, especially in an education institution that also accommodates virtual education program.

Access and use blackboard https://mymasonportal.gmu.edu/webapps/login/?action=relogin