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GWU Blackboard Login – George Washington University

Are you student in George Washington University? Do you know if GWU blackboard is having updates lately? Well, if you have not understood yet about it, you do not need to worry. You have come to the proper place because we will share to you some information about the updates that happened in the George Washington University.

GWU Blackboard Learn Web Portal

my gwu blackboard edu learn login

Actually, we have found the updates are only in login system. You may not able to use your username and password to login to your GWU blackboard account anymore because it has used new username and password.

You are maybe confusing right now because you do not know anything about the new username and password for logging into your blackboard account. As we have said before, do not worry. We will help you through this article.

Actually, you are able to find out your new username and password. You only need to read our instruction below to find out what your new username and password.

  • To access your blackboard account, you will need to use your NetID. Your NetID should be consisting of username and password.
  • Your username to access blackboard account is your GW email address before @ symbol.
  • Moreover, your password for accessing blackboard account is the same with your GW email password.
  • If you still do not have GW email, you can make it on http://helpdesk.gwu.edu/accounts/.

Well, those are the way to get new username and password to access your blackboard account. However, some students find problem in making GW email like hardly find available name. because of that, if you want to make GW email which you need to access your blackboard account, we suggest you to make it with word and number combination.

It should be easy to have more names available with using that combination. Beside of that, with using that combination, your GWU blackboard account is safe enough too.