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Hunter Blackboard

Hunter Blackboard – There is nothing that can compare the stress of dealing with deadlines of assignments. When you deal with assignment, you don’t want to be bothered with other details that can make your life harder. That being said is handing in your assignment to the students’ office. Now you can be relieved that submitting assignment can be done online through Hunter Blackboard. The blackboard is online education portal that allows you to manage your courses and academic program, including submitting assignment and accessing your grades. The online technology makes is easier for you to do all of these activities without having to stick around the campus. Now with blackboard, you can submit and access your grades whenever and wherever you are.

Submitting Assignment Using Hunter Blackboard

hunter college blackboard login

Hunter Blackboard allows you to submit your assignment online easily. To do this, you simply need to log in into your blackboard account and head into assignment submission menu. At this menu, you will be required to declare that your assignments are original works. This declaration guarantees that you don’t plagiarise your works and you will be ready with the consequences once the assignments are found a product of plagiarism. Upon completing this step, you will be able to upload your assignments to the blackboard submission page. You need to follow every step on the blackboard until you receive notification about your submission.

Accessing Your Grades Online

If you are away from campus, you can access your grades through your Hunter Blackboard. The blackboard page gives you grades and assessment menu on the portal front page. Under this menu, you will be able to find list of grades that you can access. The advantage of checking your grades through blackboard is that you can do it whenever and wherever possible. You can still access your blackboard even though you are using public network or simply when you are away from campus.