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InsightBB Webmail Login – www.insightbb.com

InsightBB Webmail – Insight Broadband Webmail or it is known as insightbb webmail is an email address created by Insight Communications. As a big company, Insight Communications offers up to 50 Meg of internet download speed. The area served consists of the Louisville, Lexington, Evansville, BowIng Green, and Covington areas. In insightbb.com you can check your insightbb webmail, sports, news, entertainment, business, technology and lifestyle headlines. Moreover, customers can enjoy free games and internet security software to protect their email from spam and hackers.

InsightBB Webmail Login

insightbb webmail login

As one of Insight Communications products, insightbb webmail can be used only for those who subscribe the cablecasting, broadband internet or phone. They need to log in using their ID and password. As the ninth largest cable operator in the United States, Insight Communications have 760,000 subscribers spread in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Unfortunately, on August 13, 2011, Time Warner Cable acquired Insight Communications for $3 billion. Insight Communications hoped that Time Warner Cable can pay the price fast. Since Insight had its television services from analog to digital, Time Warner Cable expected to pay for the price lower around 10-12% of revenues. Finally, the merger between Insight Communications and Time Warner Cable was completed on February 29, 2012.

As aforementioned, Insight Communications users are quite many and after its acquisition to Time Warner Cable, there was confusion among them concerning their webmail address. Commenting on their confusion, Time Warner Cable sent letters to Insight customers informing them that starting in June 2013 the insight service will be replaced by Time Warner Cable since they purchased the Insight Communications.

InsightBB Webmail Eases Users to Access

A year later, Time Warner Cable announced to their customers (including Insight Customers) that they can use their Insight email to access Time Warner Cable’s webmail service. Giving that announcement, Time Warner Cable is sure that their customers will continue using their services in the future.