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Moodle.nisdtx.org – Moodle Nisdtx netSchool

Moodle.nisdtx.org – If you’re looking for a school that can prepare your kids to go to college, NISD is the right place. There are three school’s vision that makes it the best choice among others. NISD visions are preparing students for college, facing the global workplace, and ready for personal success. So, if your kids go to this school, they’ll be able to compete to the higher level of education.

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Northwest ISD School Programs :

There are some programs that your kids can choose based on their ability and preference. The programs include:

  1. Academy of Cosmetology
  2. Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Services (ACAH)
  3. Academy of Medical Professions (AMP)
  4. Academy of Media Arts and Technology (AMAT)
  5. Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Each of those programs provide the same teachers but different non-editing teachers. The main teachers of each program are Alicia Flower and Gabriella Lochridge while non-editing teachers include Robin Ellis and Elizabeth Haines.

Northwest ISD School Services

Northwest ISD School provides services to ease students in learning every subject. First, it provides netSchool program that’s a learning management system that permits teachers to create course content, quizzes, and resources available to their students by publishing them online. The main aim to create this system is to ease students in accessing and downloading school materials anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, students can access the subjects they want to take by going online. The first requirement to access the learning management system online is by log in to the website. After that, choose the course or program that you want to take. Furthermore, you can search courses you want to have in certain semester by typing the course in the provided column and continue by clicking ‘go’ button. Finally, there are complete levels of educations you can choose from this school including elementary schools, high schools, and middle schools.