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Netzero.net – Netzero Message Center is a nationwide internet service provider which is available in more than 12,000 cities across North America. The products offered by NetZero vary from free to paid. NetZero provides customers a wide range of internet service options. This provider gives a high quality internet connection to support customers’ needs whether they are dial up or broadband internet service. Besides, NetZero also serves you a secure and fine mobile internet access for any devices such as laptop, net book, tablet, and iPad, where the connection itself is used for over 200 million people in the United States.

Netzero.net Message Center

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Ronald Burr is the founder or NetZero along with Marwan Zebian, Harold MacKenzie, and Stay Haitsuka, Netzero Message Center was launched in October 1998. The national free internet service of NetZero grew up to 1,000,000 of users in a range of six months. The model used by NetZero is the internet access in order to attract audience for advertising which is highly targeted. By this, the founder enables to earn $60 million. There are some venture investors involved in the company such as, Foundation Capital, Compaq, Draper Fisher Jurveston, and Venture Partners until in December, 1999, NBC Sports and NetZero committed to a deal where NetZero as the sponsor for the Network’s NBA replaces Prudential Financial and results more audience for its product.

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The visitors should be the people in general as the customers who are about to adopt and purchase the services offered by NetZero. The customers will get information about the price of the products such as home wireless, mobile broadband, and cell phones. Besides, there are also promo and free learning provided in the website to enhance the knowledge about how to deal with the internet connection. By adopting the service, the customer’s internet connection is secured to be private and protected from the hacker data thieves.

Compared to earth link, Netzero Message Center is one step ahead in the term of website’s display management. However, the Earth link has a service which is a web and cloud hosting that is not found in NetZero.