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Optimum Webmail Login – Online Services

Optimum Webmail – Optimum utilizes Optimum Online e-mail or webmail to ease the users in accessing their e-mail by utilizing their web browser at anytime and anywhere. Some features have been introduced to make the e-mail easier to use and more productive. Here are some features given by Optimum webmail. First, users can resize their e-mail windows by resizing their web browser window to adjust the way the screen is displayed. Second, there are resizable panels that can be increased or decreased by clicking on the bar that split it from the next button and adjust the size by using mouse. You do not need to resize the panel when you open your e-mail since it will remain as you set them again or sign out.

Optimum Webmail Login

optimum online webmail sign in

The next feature given by Optimum webmail is keyboard navigation. It is a new feature that enables users to navigate by using their mouse or keyboard. The first they need to do is using the tab and shift-tab to move the focus forward and backward among the active regions. Then, use the arrow keys to move up and down a list of messages in a folder. Moreover, they can use the enter key or space bar to activate a control.

Create an Optimum Webmail ID

In the header area, users can see a set of controls to sign out, access their preferences or get help if they find a problem. Right below the header, there is the dock that enables users to access the contacts and e-mail sections so they do not need to find the list of contacts manually. It also makes users save time to send e-mails. Then, users can undock a hidden window to their main screen by clicking the down arrow located under each tab and then choose the item that they want to return to the screen.