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Palomar Blackboard – Palomar Community College District

Palomar Blackboard – Palomar College is a community college that has one campus and six education sites. The campus is located in San Diego County, California, United States. If the main campus is located in San Marco, the six education sites are spread throughout north San Diego County. Among the six education sites, the largest one is located in Escondido and the other sites are located at Mt. Carmel High School, Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook High School, Ramona High School, and the Pauma Indian Reservation. In 2009, the college developed a new plan that’s called as an Integrated Planning, Evaluation, and Resource Allocation Decision-Making Model (IPM).

Palomar Blackboard Academic Programs

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The Resource Allocation Decision-Making Model (IPM) developed by palomar blackboard has three contents: the college’s long-range Master Plan, the mid-range Strategic Plan, and the short-range Program Review and Planning processes. By developing those three plans, Palomar College tries to give the best educational system and service to students. There are more than 250 associate’s degrees and certificate programs as well as programs for students who want to transfer to four-year universities like in the University of California and California State University systems.

There are eight academic divisions in palomar blackbaord include Arts, Media, Business and Computer Systems; Career, Technical and Extended Education; Languages and Literature; Mathematics and The Natural and Health Sciences; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Emergency Medical Education; Fire Technology; and Emergency Management. Besides, Palomar College also offers student run clubs such as Anime Club, Archaeology Club, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and many more. Then, students also can join athletics like basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, swimming, water polo, and cross country. In addition, the university offers media, newspaper and magazines for students and for public include Palomar College Newspaper – The Telescope, Palomar College Radio – KKSM, Palomar College Television – PCTV, and Palomar College Lifestyle Magazine – IMPACT.