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Rackspace Webmail Login – Email Access

Rackspace Webmail – Do you want to experience and get advantage of the powerful communication features? Using Rackspace Webmail is the right answer to get those benefits. There are many advantages you can get from Rackspace Webmail include easy to use webmail, familiar email interface, the essential calendaring and contact features that are suitable for your business needs. Besides, you will get Fanatical Support and 100% Uptime Guarantee.

Rackspace Webmail Login

 rackspace webmail login

Why Rackspace Webmail is easy to use? It is because it needs less support than desktop email clients like Outlook. You are already using webmail, right? So, you only need seconds to utilize Rackspace Webmail. It is simple, intuitive, straightforward and powerful enough to handle any business email account. Moreover, your Rackspace Webmail is not only accessible via the web but you also can have all of your email accessible from anywhere with any web browser or mobile.

Besides, users can manage their contacts by using Rackspace Webmail. You can create multiple personal or shared contact lists, add photos, multiple phone numbers, and email addresses, mailing addresses as well as notes to entries. You also can import your existing contact lists from other programs so you do not need to worry to lose your old contact lists.

Rackspace Webmail is the Best Choice

Next, you can enjoy a standalone task manager that you can find in your inbox. By using a task manager, you will be able to create multiple task lists that are featured with individual action items along with the completion dates. To keep track of the task details you can utilize the notes area and it changes its color to remind you of its due dates.

In addition, you can utilize chat service from Rackspace Webmail. You can chat with other users on your domain in real time without leaving your webmail. So, users can enjoy a simple user interface and no need to configure anything for administrators.