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ROTC Blackboard Army Login

ROTC Blackboard is an e-education platform created to assist academic program management for the students of ROTC program (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps). With this online education platform, it is expected that students who have packed schedule and mobility are able to keep in touch and manage their academic programs at ease. The blackboard is an online portal where education information can be retrieved conveniently. It is designed as a personalised website where each student has their own access to the website through the use of identification and password. Blackboard contains information about courses details, school announcement, schedules, assignments, grade, and communication menus.

Using ROTC Blackboard

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You will need ROTC Blackboard to manage all of your academic programs. This is the site where you can find information about your courses. You can find courses materials, courses updates, and assignments posted by the teaching staff easily without having to visit the students’ office. This website is also the portal that you want to look for when you are about to submit your assignment. Blackboard is equipped with turn in assignment menu where you simply need to upload the soft copy of your assignment and sign a declaration of anti-plagiarism. To access your assessment and grade, you simply need to click on the grade and assessment menu provided. There are other important functions that you will need to manage your academic program in this blackboard that you might want to check.

Accessing the ROTC Blackboard

Keeping up to date with the newest information related with your study and the academic life in your school is very important. Therefore, it is advised that you check your blackboard portal regularly. To be able to access your ROTC Blackboard https://rotc.blackboard.com, you will need to have your identification code and password which is given to you by your school IT support desk. You need to keep your password and identification personal since the blackboard contains confidential information about your study and personal records.