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Rutgers Webmail – My Portal

Rutgers webmail is web based email service provided by The State University of New Jersey for students, staff, faculty and individuals affiliated with the university. Affiliates of the university can now send and receive email through a web interface. If users need help taking advantage of this new service, they can contact the appropriate support staff link which can be found at the Rutgers webmail page.

My Portal Rutgers Webmail

Rutgers Webmail Login My Portal

Getting help with the new web mail interface can be done by reaching a help desk available at users area including Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. For each area, there are email and phone number which can be reached. There are also Help desks in person which can be met. All the detail information regarding those help desk are available at help page of the Rutgers webmail.

Users of the webmail service need to pay attention to the increase of email traffic that comes with the beginning of the semester which might increases the chances of being snagged by a phishing scam. In order to avoid these scams, there are some tips which might be good to apply. First users should never send private account information through email. Second, users should never share passwords at any time. And the last is users should be careful of visiting web sites linked in emails.

Rutgers Webmail Safe Access

Any email which tries to ask for or steal personal information of the users should be deleted. Personal information theft is categorized of phishing and has happened quite a lot. Users need to ignore or even delete email which offers anything which leads to a page where users are required to enter their personal information. No matter which institution sends this kind of email, users should not trust the email. If users still want to confirm the content of the email, they can contact the institution authentic contact number or consult the matter with IT help desk in Rutgers