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SWC Blackboard Learn Login – Southwestern College

SWC Blackboard –  Southwestern College is an online college that offers a wide range of online and hybrid classes. The lessons are made suitable to continue to 4-year colleges and Associate degree requirements. Beside providing classes held on campus, SWC also offers numerous online classes. Some of the classes are held totally online, some require an initial class meeting and/or on-campus exams, and some others may involve a number of campus meetings but less-frequent ones. An online study is suitable for you who have good writing skills, have access to a computer, an internet connection and browser, and have basic skills using those tools. It’s designed for an independent student.

Access Online Courses at SWC Blackboard

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Since SWC blackboard is an online college, if you want to attend this class you need follow these steps. First, go to http://www.swccd.edu/index.aspx?page=56 the website on the start date of your class. Second, type in your username that consists of your first and last name initial plus seven digit student number. Third, type in your password that consists of your first name initial and last name with the first letter of your last name capitalized. Fourth, you’ll see your class name on your Welcome Page and click the course name to go to your class area.

In joining online classes at SWC blackboard, make sure that the instructor in your class doesn’t use another website but if he/she does it ask for details. The faculty of your class will give your information prior to the first day within Blackboard but isn’t required to so it’s you who need to be active.

Moreover, you need to know that some classes may have mandatory meetings on campus with the dates will be listed in the course syllabus so you have to be aware of it. In addition, some classes will use additional websites that require an access code so you need to see your instructor for details.