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Touro Blackboard – Touro College

Touro College implements a new online education system called Touro Blackboard. This program is designed to accommodate learning and teaching process by means of online technology. Students now are no longer required to acquire information about their course through conventional means.

How Touro Blackboard Works

my touro college blackboard edu loginTeaching staff also no longer required to make hard copies of materials and assignment to pass around the students. With this program all necessities that are required in every course program can be easily shared through the online portal. The blackboard becomes one and the only source where students and teaching staff communicate in regards of the academic program.

The Touro Blackboard is run by the college’s IT department. In order to be able to access the portal, students are given an identification name and password. Upon accessing the website, students can enter their details and they will be connected to the portal. The portal provides information about all of their courses. They can access information that is shared on the class, such as learning materials, assignments, course detail and objectives, and also other shared documents.

Students can also communicate with their professor and access their personal data through the portal. With this Touro Blackboard, students no longer need to arrange offline appoinment and make hard copies of all documents required for their program. They simply can download it from their blackboard portal and have access to softfile that they can always print whenever they want.

Making use of Touro Blackboard is important to support the teaching and learning process. The program is made to make students and professor’s life easier. With the advance of the technology that demands fast and convenient teaching and learning process, Touro Blackboard is designed to support the very basic needs of the students and professors. With Blackboard, students can easily get information that they need in no time.

Use of the Blackboard Portal http://blackboard.touro.edu/