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TSTC Moodle – Login Texas State Technical College

TSTC Moodle – As a student at Texas State Technical College, surely you are not familiar with TSTC Moodle. Sites that provide all sorts of information on this college will greatly help in the lecture. You just have to visit http://www.tstc.edu/harlingenhelp/moodle and there will be available the information you need. There will be plenty of choice for those who want to learn more about Moodle like Student Tutorials (Videos), Moodle 2.3 – Student Quick Start Guide, and many others. To use these facilities, surely you already be listed as a student at Texas State Technical Collage. However, if you want to register to Texas State Technical College, you can see the information in http://www.tstc.edu/.

The Function of TSTC Moodle

tstc moodle my courses

In http://www.tstc.edu/harlingenhelp/moodle, you will get the information that you want to search. There will be like apply contents, programs, financial AID, Admission, Students, Web advisor, and information about Texas State Technical College. TSTC Moodle can also be used like the submission of assignments, discussion forums, storage and downloading files, valuation, and quizzes can be performed using Moodle. If you find some problems, you can visit http://www.tstc.edu/harlingenhelp/moodle, and you can call 800.592.8784, or send an e-mail to tstchelpdesk@tstc.edu. Texas State Technical College also provides a means of discussion via Yahoo Messenger you can add Tstchelpdesk in your Yahoo Messenger.

 Another function of TSTC Moodle

TSTC Moodle is software on e-learning website that is open source. Moodle at Texas State Technical College used for educators to manage and promote the teaching and learning activities. TSTC Moodle also provides a variety of subjects or modules of information that used during lectures from various books and other sources. You can download it and save your data there. Teachers also can give the values of the learning outcomes you for taking the semester or also give the value of the quiz. So, do not be confused to use Moodle. All the information is already available there and you have been able to use it now.