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UCLA Extension Blackboard Learn Login

UCLA Extension Blackboard – The University of California in Los Angeles implemented Blackboard program to their academic system in order to endorse the teaching and learning process. In this modern time, education and technology go hand in hand and both build the country to be better. The UCLA Extension blackboard is designed to assist students in managing their courses and academic program by means of the internet so that they can perform learning process in ease and more effectively. Blackboard is now integrated into both regular and distance learning education program. Students can enjoy this facility simply by obtaining identification code and password from the IT Help desk in your campus.

UCLA Extension Blackboard Access

blackboard learn ucla extension

UCLA Extension Blackboard is designed by Blackboard Inc. This is an education system provider from the USA which has been developing the blackboard since 2002. The program was intended to assist students in providing students with courses updates. As the time goes by, the features on blackboard are developed that now we can use many other features available on the blackboard. The blackboard has been used by many higher education institutions in all around the world nowadays. With blackboard, education institutions can boost their academic performance as it allows students to be more productive and efficient in performing their academic duties.

Accessing UCLA Extension Blackboard

The blackboard is used to find information about courses and academic program. Students who have access on UCLA Extension blackboard are only students of the University of California in Los Angeles. They are given specific pass codes that will grant them access to a personalised blackboard page. Students can access information related with their courses in this page. The menu “courses announcement” provides details about the latest updates posted by the professors. Students can also retrieve downloadable courses materials from blackboard too. To access other important information, such as exam schedules, assignments, and grades, students simply can find them under each course section.