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UIC Blackboard – University of Illinois at Chicago

UIC Blackboard is the system that is used to help student and teacher can perform learning process better than before. As a student, you can get any courses and study anywhere you like with using this web based LMS.

How to Submit Assignment in UIC Blackboard

UIC Blackboard Learn Login

Unfortunately, we have heard many people are talking about how difficult to submit an assignment with using this system especially in UIC blackboard. If you are student in university of Illinois at Chicago and you have had trouble in submitting your assignment, then you can read this whole article.

For you who want to submit your assignment with using UIC blackboard, you will need to prepare some requirement first. Here are some requirements that you need to have.

  • A computer, which connected to internet.
  • Your username and password to login to UIC blackboard account.
  • Assignment file.

If you have prepared those entire things, then you can read our instruction below about how to submit assignment in blackboard system.

  • First, you need to open your browser and go to the UIC web page https://blackboard.uic.edu.
  • You need to login or access to your blackboard account if you want to submit your assignment with using this system.
  • Choose my course and then choose any courses that have assignment for you.
  • Choose the assignment and then press view complete assignment link.
  • You will be directed to form like an email form.
  • You need to fill comment box with your message and choose the file that you want to attach on that message.
  • After you have fill the comment box and attach the file of your assignment, then you only need to press submit button.

That is how to submit assignment with using UIC blackboard system. Make sure to check have you attached the proper file before pressed submit button. It is because many students often make mistake when submitting their assignment.