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Upenn Blackboard Login – Penn Libraries University of Pennsylvania

Upenn Blackboard. We believe that most of you who are still studying in university must have well understood about what blackboard is. Blackboard is online system that mostly used for educational purposes. Many universities have used it to support online courses. Unfortunately, because blackboard gained many problems lately, we can see many universities are replacing it with other new online system.

Upenn Blackboard Login

Upenn Blackboard Learn Login

Upenn blackboard from University of Pennsylvania is one of the blackboard systems that will be replaced with new online system. As announced, this system will no longer exist at 30 may 2014. Upenn Bb will be replaced with Canvas, which one of online is learning system that said can provide better experience than blackboard system. Are you a student in University of Pennsylvania? If you do, then you will need to read this article.

You will need to prepare many things to migrate in using Canvas system. Here are many things that you need to do before blackboard system no longer in used in your university.

  • You need to check again your blackboard account data and make sure to save any data that you thought is important for you.
  • Make sure to ask to your department coordinator about your username and password for using Canvas later.

Well, maybe some of you are asking about what the different between Canvas and Upenn blackboard. Here are some different between Canvas and blackboard systems that you need to know.

  • Canvas is able to add RSS feed.
  • Canvas is able to restrict file that can be attached on submitting assignment.
  • Drag and drop feature is available in Canvas. This feature is giving huge advantage because you will not need to use many times just for submitting your assignment anymore.

Which is better, Blackboard or Canvas? If you want to know the answer, you need to try using both of those online learning system. It is because we believe both of them are having different pros and cons too.