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Upenn Webmail Login – University of Pennsylvania

Upenn webmail service is supported by several mail servers for students, staff and faculty at University of Pennsylvania. There are fifteen email servers which are available in the campus. ISC Networking and Telecommunications has implemented web-based mail user agents for dolphin, mail.med, pobox and ben.dev mail servers. Users will be able to find selections for accessing email over the web for other schools on campus. Users just need to select the mail server they use and click “go” to proceed to the webmail server.

Upenn Webmail Login

upenn nursing webmail

Users cannot just randomly choose email clients available at the webmail jumpstation. It is important that users choose one email client which is supported by users’ school or unit at the campus. Users can find what email clients are supported for faculty, staff and students in each of Penn’s schools in the list available at ‘Email Specifications by School’ page. The list will contain names of schools, recommended system for use at office and home, Outlook and webmail address, contact person and support person. Information System and Computing runs a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server to provide a groupware (email, contact, and calendaring) functionality to organizations across campus.

Unlike other universities which commonly centralizes their network system, computing at Penn is highly decentralized. Many schools, departments, and organizations have their own web servers and web sites and provide targeted support information and training for their affiliates. The advantage of this system is that when one school is having trouble with their network, it will not affect or disturb other schools’ network.

Separate Mail Clients at Upenn webmail

Users who are students at the University can consult their Information Technology Advisors (ITAs) to get help with IT matters. Users who are faculty most often obtain computing support from Local Support Providers (LSPs) in their schools. If users are staff, their computing support is provided by Local Support Providers (LSPs) in schools, centers, and departments.