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Webmail.missouri.edu MU Student Webmail – University of Missouri

Webmail.missouri.edu is the webmail address of the webmail service of University of Missouri. The webmail service is provided for student, faculty and staff. Student will be directed to a student email which is Mizzou student email based on Office 365. The account of this email service is used for all official University communication with students.

Webmail.missouri.edu Access

Webmail missouri edu  University

There are some steps that new students need to follow to setup their email. First, in order to initiate the setup, users should log in to the activation page with their myZou ID (username) and password. Then, they need to make a note of the Office 365 account name and initial (temporary) password. They can change this password once they log into their email account. Users need to click the webmail link to return to outlooklive mizzou student email page.

Next, they need to log in with their Office 365 account name (username@mail.misouri.edu) and the initial (temporary) password. If users forget their temporary password, they can return to the setup page to retrieve it. Then, they need to finish their Office 365 account setup following the onscreen instructions. The last step is users need to change the password.

Webmail Service for Students and Staff at webmail.missouri.edu

Users can learn more about Office 365 by clicking the Microsoft Help Center link available at the bottom part of the mizzou student webmail page or refer to MU IT KnowledgeBase link which is also available on the same page. Users can learn a few things related to Office 365 like email setting with their account, calendar and reminder for meeting and appointment planning, setting their mobile devices to enable them access their email, calendar, and contacts, creating and modifying contacts and group which are based on the email address and phone number of those who communicate with users, customizing users’ account, voicemail setting, video help for Outlook Web App and many others.