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www.COMPASS.state.pa.us COMPASS Apply Benefits

If you are a legal resident of Pennsylvanian and intend to look for human and health services, go to www.compass.state.pa.us and start your application to the Pennsylvania COMPASS right away. Through this site, an individual or community-based organization is able access to apply or renew a wide range of social programs.

www.Compass.state.pa.us Benefits

www compass state pa us renew your benefitsThe COMPASS itself stands for Common Point of Access to Social Services, which is a service for Pennsylvanians to obtain health and human services. The service covers cash assistance, health care, long-term care, child-care work and many others. If you have a Pennsylvania COMPASS account, you can also use this website to renew your benefits online. As part of Public Welfare Department, Pennsylvania COMPASS includes automatic submission of electronic forms, online application and renewal, to the related state agencies.

To get the specific benefits, the eligibility requirements also apply for the applicant. Only people who meet the criteria are also able to get those specific benefits. However, anyone with Internet access can use COMPASS, whether they are applying, renewing for their own, or family, or even just helping someone else.

Through www.COMPASS.state.PA.us, Pennsylvanians would also be able to apply the benefits day and night, at home or any place with internet access available. The users can pause and save their electronic form, both for application and renewal, for up to 3 months. They can log-out and log-in again to the system as they please. The personal data that users submitted are secure, private and confidential; the personal information is well protected in this site.

www.Compass.state.pa.us online application

The assistantship pages such as FAQ and help are also available in the www.compass.state.pa.us. Additionally, by employing the latest technology this website have user-friendly interfaces, even for the person who has a disability, such as a hearing issue. This innovation is one of the greatest services offered by this institution. Moreover, Pennsylvania COMPASS is available in several languages, which makes application and renewal easier for non-English speakers. Thus, it is the fastest, easiest and most convenient online application for health and human services for Pennsylvanians.