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www.CorrLinks.com – CorrLinks Inmate Email Login

www.CorrLinks.com Inmate Login, Bureau of Prisons established a privately owned company which working on official email system named as Corrlinks. It serve such a unique service, which is allowing inmates to communicate with the outside world. The main aim of this service is allowing family and friends to communicate with their loved ones whom incarcerated in prison. CorrLinks was established through a relationship between a correction agency and Advanced Technologies Group. Family and friends at home are allowed to subscribe and enroll as the member to enjoy the service.

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The system is fee-based and each inmate must pay to conduct communication; to send or receive email. The user of this service must pay $0.05 per minute for use of this system, and are permitted to print the messages and conversations at a cost of $0.15 per page. The price settled in many United States federal prisons inmates’ wages start at 12 cents per hour. Then for sending a message to someone, the payment can cost up to $0.30.

Same state prisons in the United States use this service for their inmates. One of the notable state prison which has been using CorrLinks.com for a quite long time is Iowa. However, not all federal inmates have access to this service, and inmates are likely banned to use the service especially if their crimes involved the use of a computer devices in any manner.

www.CorrLinkscom Inmate Email System

CorrLinks does not allow inmates get access to the Internet and everything is being monitored; all incoming and upcoming messages. The emails are limited to 13,000 characters and no attachments are allowed in this service. There is one essential point which differs CorrLinks with commercial sites; if commercial sites allow correspondents to send an email which is then printed and mailed to an inmate, the service provides direct email access to federal inmates. Technically, there are many rules which should be followed by inmates in operating this service. In brief, the content of the message may not “jeopardize the public or the safety, security, or orderly operation of the correctional facility.”