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www.Embarqmail.com | Embarqmail Login

www.embarqmail.com, well-known as centurylink.net, is a telecommunication and network service company, which is now, the third largest communication company in the United States. This company provides voice, data and managed services in the United State nationwide and worldwide. The free internet service such as creating an email account is one of the leading services provided by this company.

Embarqmail Login Page

www  embarqmail com login page webmailThis telecommunication company is founded as Central Telephone and Electronics Corporation in Lusian, the United States, in 1968. It began to operate as a local carrier and internet service provider, later this company grows as one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the United States which serves AT%T and Verizon Communications.

As a network service company, the www.embarqmail.com shows a wide range of networking menus. It contains general information people usually want to know on the newsfeed. Those are news, sports, entertainment, game and many more. The embedded searching engine box is available on the top-center of the homepage, which is supported by Google search, Ebay and Amazon.

Using www.embarqmail.com to create an account on Centulylink.net is easy and convenient. The phone number can be used to create an account. Once you got into the account, you can do all in one click to search all the interesting and the latest information without spending much time to go out. Besides the free service offers, this company also provides an online security system to protect the computer when it surfs over the internet.

www.Embarqmail.com homepage of centurylink.net

As commonly-known that offers a thousand kinds of viruses and malware. The computers that freely surf on the internet are easy to be infected this kind of unwanted viruses and malwares. Sometimes, the unwanted malware penetrates on the system unknowingly and steals credit card information that can be very harmful. Therefore, a system protection is absolutely required. The offers include Virus Protection, Spyware Protection, Firewall, Parental Control and Spam Control. The protection system is quite easy to install. By installing the protection system, you can do internet surfing on a much safer way. The malwares or viruses unknowingly penetrated can be avoided as soon as possible.