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www.Firstinmath.com Suntex First in Math

www.firstinmath.com is the official site of online learning program in mathematic called First in Math (FIM) and the online math game known as 24®Game. This program is one of the cost-effective ways for students to be an expert in Math and get the feedback right away as soon as possible.

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It is a comprehensive learning available from grade K to 8, which covers the learning of the simplest calculation from addition to algebra. The program includes the simple numeracy calculation, test preparation and higher thinking skills. Although this is an online learning site, the outside activity aside of school hours also take place, with the percentage of 47% web-based online learning as well as 53% outside activity.

The 24®Game is a educational tool that can be used for teachers to teach students a math subject in a unique and more fun way. Through the game, the young mind of the student trains to processing and patterning math, which is called “the method behind the math” by this game inventor, Robert Sun. He also creates a tournament, math program competition, which is used to reunite a math community before an online program available.

As mentioned above, FIM is founded by Robert sun, which is prior to the invention of the game in 1988 which rapidly develops each year. After 15 years, this game becomes a sophisticated game that reaches nearly six millions United States people of users who like the math learning process. The online program that can be seen on www.firstinmath.com is the development of the game, which utilizes internet technology for a math learning revolution.

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As a time and cost-effective program, parents, teachers and students tend to pick this program. The testimonial and success story is also available on the www.firstinmath.com, which can inspire other students to study math in FIM at more ease and confidence. This method is a great idea of a math learning revolution. Try this method, be a part of a math learning revolution and find the difference in math learning. For sure, the program breaks the bad impression of learning math students usually find in conventional math learning processes in classes.