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www.fluidnow.com –  Fluidnow is a website focusing on the Department of Economic Opportunity that is based in Florida. There is information offered here about the workforce programs, economic development initiatives programs, and community development opportunities programs. The vision of DEO is to make Florida a nation’s leading economy performer to be recognized widely as the best place to live, play, learn, and especially work. Within the mission of increasing Florida’s economy, the DEO, with their partners, has been trying to administer the state programs and assist visitors, businesses, citizens and communities.

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www. fluidnow com

It is Jesse Panuccio, the founder and Executive Director of DEO. Before joining Department of Economic opportunity, Panuccio, whose J.D title achieved from Harvard Law School and bachelor’s degree from Duke University, had worked as the legal affairs and staff of the Governor’s office.

In 2011, Governor Scott, together with Florida Legislature, chose and supported a Florida’s development system sweeping reorganization. Hence after, because of being positioned in that part, then DEO began to create as a single state agency supported with coordination of Florida’s economic policies, services, and programs.

Every Floridians, employees, and businesses are freely to visit the website of Department of Economic Opportunity, www.fluidnow.com, in order to gain more achievements, success, and wealth through the DEO’s community of successful workforce, strategies of an economic development, and accountable, transparent way as a part of Department of Economic opportunity’s goal.

Since DEO focuses on three major areas of Workforce Services, Strategic Business Development, and Community Development, the visitors of the website will get the fair and great economic opportunities. There are five areas in the website to discover such as Reemployment Assistance Service Centre, Business Growth & partnership, Labour Market Information, Community Planning, Development, & Services, and Workforce Board Resources. The Reemployment Assistance Service Centre, for instance, assist you, who have worked before, to land a relevant job with good prospect and career. For instance, if you are veterans, you can seek for the job, study, or get advanced training in DEO website, which is available in the Job Search and Career Planning’s sub menu, the Job Assistance for Veterans. There are variety of choices to select from State of Florida Resources, U.S Government Resources, and the Transition Assistance.

www.fluidnow.com Opportunity Program in Florida

DEO, compared to the other website focusing on similar subject, Enterprise Florida (EFI) has more expansive programs and training as well as education opportunities for employees which EFI doesn’t support, even though from the marketing content, www.fluidnow.com’s message is not as easy as EFI delivers to the visitors.