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www.Hjedesign.com – HJeDesign

HJeDesign – Starting the business from yearbook design, this company greatly grows and expands their business into several different areas. Over 100 years experiences, this company becomes a professional in a yearbook design. The software named eDesign by Herff Jones, Inc, owned and founded by Herff Jones in 1920 and has been known for its eDesign software to create yearbook designs on our convenience.

Hjedesign.com Herff Jones eDesign

www hjedesign com

If you are curious about this company or the product, please kindly visit www.hjedesign.com, this site is the login site of the software users, however, on this page you can go to another page by clicking “Wants to know More” option. By clicking this link, you will be lead to the other page that consists of videos demonstrating the software available and utilization. The helpful link is also available on the newly open page, like the representative of the company that demonstrates the video demo, the system information requirement to use the software and the browser test before using the application.

Even though this company has experience over 100 years, the online service was published for the first time in 1999. As mentioned earlier, Herff Jones, Inc. manages the www.hjedesign.com, which is famous for its online yearbook design software application. As a big company, the service of this company is not merely a design of the yearbook. It provides a wide range of services which mostly assist and fulfill educational institution needs.

Based on its official website, the product listed includes school ring and badge, recognition certificate, sport, robe and apparel, and many others. Besides serving educational institution, this company is usually also served a community such as a religious community, a sport community, a retailer, and many others. Customer who need the mass production of community identification, accessories, apparel or jewelry should contact them.

HJeDesign designing and creating a yearbook

If you want to place an order, please contact the local representative and you will get an ID and password to log in on www.hjedesign.com, and then enjoy the easy designing the yearbook using this online software. So, you can design a variety of designs, shapes and themes of yearbook.