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www.ipchicken.com IP Chicken – Whats my IP ?

IP Chicken – If you need to know your computer IP address or you intend to remote another computer and you need the remote port, you can go to www.ipchicken.com. This site gives all the information related to your current IP address once you are connected to the internet.

Ipchicken.com what is my ip

www ip chicken com whois ip address

Everyone all over the world is familiar with the internet in daily live, using computer desktops, laptops or even mobiles. IP that stands for Internet Protocol address is a specific number given to every device that is connected to the internet. This number is assigned to the device in order to distinguish the device over the internet. It consists of four parts which are separated by period. If you are still confused about what the IP address is, you can think that an IP address is the phone number of your mobile phone. Every mobile phone has its own number, and the same number cannot be used for two phones. This identification number is needed when multiple computers are connected to the internet through router, switch, etc.

Aside from checking IP addresses, www.ipchicken.com also has an advance option that provides a port number and an available browser version on your computer. Other than an IP address, usually people also need some information regarding a port number, www.ipchicken.com would also give you the information regarding the port number when you need. A port is the gate for every computer to communicate each other on the network through internet connection; it is the endpoint of logical connection on the networks. For example, a computer with internet access asking a specific webpage to be sent to the computer, in this case, a remote port of the webpage will be opening up as the other computer asked by typing a webpage address.

Ipchicken.com whois check

This simple yet useful website can be accessed by everyone who wants to know his or her computer IP address. This website was developed on 2008 by IPchicken team. When you use this website, there will be no cookie and log information of your computer, thus, the privacy of your computer is guarantee.