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www.Kclogin.com – We cannot deny that technology has become a part of our daily life. It influences many aspects of human life nowadays. The education system, which is the core of the human civilization, has also been influenced by technology. It is not surprising that the educational system all over the world has been utilizing technology for learning processes. Yes, it has become a recent trend. As most of the educational institutions have been using technology for educational processes, of course, the adaptation of education technology is absolutely needed.

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This occurrence has become a motivation for the educational institutions to give some innovations in renewing educational approaching methods. This is further can be used to change students’ perspective about learning processes.

As students have already known, learning processes are something to do in a classroom with a teacher and books, however, with the adaptation with technology, learning can be changed to be something very interesting, and sometimes it should not always be done in a classroom with a teacher and books. This kind of approaching method has been applied in Stride Academy which can be further seen in detail on www.kclogin.com.

The website www.kclogin.com was launched for the first time in 2003; this was managed by LTC education system. Brian Shulman founded LTC educational institution in 2001. Its basic idea was changing how kids see learning processes from a different perspective: an enjoyable learning process that results in a great impact on kids. After operating for a year since it was founded, the name changed from LTS education to the Kid’s Collage, later in 2013, it became Stride Academy. It is now known as a private educational company that provides educational software to improve experiences both for students and for teachers.

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www.kclogin.com combines technology and several aspects of learning into approaching learning methods. Those aspects are games for learning, blended learning strategies, simultaneous assessment, direct and motivating instructions, extended additional learning, guidance to practice and individual intervention. Those aspects have been integrated in software that can be used as all in one learning process. Thus, students can enjoy learning.