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www.myPay.gov Login

Mypay.gov – A payment service that is available in one address, maybe that one sentence can be a description of www.mypay.gov. A payment site which is very easily accessed by anyone even can be used by people who are not in the United States. You must frequently access the website at the end of the month, isn’t it?

Account Access myPay.gov

www mypay gov login

From the three words behind the URL address, we can immediately know that this site is a site created by the government. Then, from its term, “pay”, it is very obvious that this is related to the payment site. The name of a website is very important to influence the website itself. Unless you are already famous as Google, this theory is useless. Believe it or not, every person who is given the URL address will immediately imagine beforehand “What is this URL address about? What is inside it? Do I need to access it? Or not? Or, this is the URL address that it could damage my computer?” Such these things are definitely questionable. So, any suggestion about named the website is important.

Regarding www.mypay.gov, the website is very cool. In addition to having a name that describes the content and direct benefits, the site is quite accessible. There are many menus with full descriptions and listed very neatly in the front page. You can also instantly become a member with a click on the top right corner of the home page. This website is designed like any other government sites – very simple, minimal in color and only provides limited information that is required and there are absolutely no intrusive ads that meet or interfere with your browsing, which is good.

Perhaps, the only advice that can be applied by this website is about adding a creativity display in the column “make a payment”. It should provide pictures of the institutions or services that customers will pay, and then display them as clickable images later in the access, it would be a different look that does not saturate. Being simple is already a good thing, but being creative is the next goodness that does not bother the other goodness. Don’t you agree?

www.mypay.gov a site for online payments

Over all, this website is very slick. In accordance with its usefulness, this website is not confusing and directly on the point. It is a decent work in appreciation. If you are the people who want to make payment about everything, just go to, one-click access, www.mypay.gov then issue your payment will be resolved properly.