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My Verizon – www.myverizon.com is a website focusing on the power solver, engineer, innovation and technology. Each day, Verizon connects to millions of people, communities, clients, and companies because of their great, sophisticated, and advanced technology. Within their innovation and wireless, fiber, and global IP network superior investment, Verizon is positioned and raised in the market’s growing centre. Verizon’s network serves and pleases worldwide customers a variety of innovative services such as cloud, video, and telematics because of the America’s largest 4G LTE wireless and the premiere all fiber broadband network in the nation, Verizon is regarded and titled as the largest communication technology companies in the world.

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The founder of the website of Verizon is James J. Gerace who has a responsibility for the entire external communication and media relation strategy, both offline and online for worldwide users. As a chief, he is also responsible for handling the employee communication.

On June 30, Bell Atlantic and GTE merged and changed the name into Verizon Communication Inc. This merge is considered one of the biggest mergers in the United States history of business. This merger cost $52 billion and consumed almost two years because of many things to cover such as approval of both GTE and Bell Atlantic shareowners, regulatory commission of 27 states as well as the FCC, and also the US Department of Justice and various international agencies’ clearance

Because this company deals with communication, the visitors of this website must be consumers, companies, work partners, investors, and other persons involved in the business to always get connected with www.myverizon.com.

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In terms of knowledge and understanding point, this website offers the visitors full and complete information about the company, My Verizone, starting from the overview, what they do, when the company was established and built (history), what they offer to customers, the current event, to the company’s achievements. Besides, for those seeing for jobs, there is careers information that offers a great variety of chances and opportunities to get a good prospect by joining Verizon.

www.myverizon.com does not only provide and develop communication technology but also commits to help people educated with their training and professional development, especially for the military spouse.