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www.Photonotice.com – Photo Notice

Photo Noticewww.photonotice.com is a website that provides the video footages of red light violation. This website is a division of Redflex Traffic Systems in the United States which has an online service that allows the recipient of red light violation ticket to view their own red light violation. If you were a driver that recently had received red light video violation notification in your email, you could use this website to clarify whether your vehicle really ran the red light or not. Sometimes, we might think why we got the ticket for the red light violation and not even sure when we ran into red traffic light or think it wasn’t us on the event that committed the offense.

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On that case, this website is one of the ways to being able to do a double check and figure out why we are getting the red light violation ticket. This website collects our personal information such as plate number or the ticket/notice number, which is usually voluntary provided by the visitors in order to fulfill the specific requests to view the red light violation videos of the specific vehicle, yet, this website provides privacy protection, thus it is safe and secure.

Through the website, this company provides vehicle camera monitoring and traffic law enforcement services to police departments. Everyone can access www.photonotice.com, most probably drivers in the United States who got the ticket for red light violation, can use this website to view their violation video. This website is accessible anytime and anywhere, after providing the plate number of our vehicle or ticket number we can easily view our red light video of our vehicle that commits the violation.

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www.photonotice.com is very easy and convenient to use. We can see the details of the video from home or wherever as long as there is internet connection. It is also accessible for 24 hours a day, so we can use this website anytime. The privacy and personal information of the visitors are also protected. For the visitors convenience, this website also provides the term and conditions, FAQ and customer service. The video on this website can also be used as evidence on the court if it seems that it is not our vehicle which committed the red light violation.