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www.Proxyvote.com Proxy Vote Voting System

www.proxyvote.com is the proxy vote online website, which is operated by a financial-serving firm based on the United States, the Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. In general, this company serves the internal corporation’s communication, for example, annual meetings, corporation’s proxy processing, notice distributions and so on. To gain the access on this site, the users should provide the valid control number by entering the numbers on the box that available on this site’s homepage.

Get started www.proxyvote.com

www proxyvote comThe required control number consists of 12 digit numbers. This number is usually sent to the users by a notification email. The services that can be used for the user who has a valid control number, included, the submission of proxy vote instructions, viewing proxy vote documents, sign-up for further email notifications of shareholder materials and requesting proxy vote materials.

www.proxyvote.com was developed for the first time on October 1995, and on 2009 it was redesigned and managed by the Website team of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc . The host of this site is located on Georgia, Atlanta – United States. Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc itself is the company that focuses on providing proxy vote system online. It was firmed on 2007, which headquarter is based on New York, the United States. Aside of providing proxy vote system online, it also provides the investor communication, clearing and securities processes.

Proxy Vote Submit your proxy voting

Everyone can visit www.proxyvote.com, as mentioned earlier; only the visitors who have the control number that would be able to use the services. This site is simple and easy to use by its users. The sign up step does not take a long time. Therefore, this site is time-effective for internal communication on the large group. The online system of proxy vote put additional advantages as it’s also would be cost-effective communication. Secure transaction also offers, when the transaction is needed and the user’s web browser supporting the secure transactions, the secure site will be directed automatically on the user’s screen. The documents taken from this site usually on Portable Document Format (PDF), thus the software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or any others software to read Portable Document Format files are required.