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www.Mypanera.com – Mypanera Register Card

About Mypanera – www.mypanera.com is website that acts as a chain of bakery fast and casual restaurants operated in United States and Canada. Panera Bread has a headquarter in Missouri, Sunset Hills, and St. Louis, until it is decided to be operating in St. Louis Bread Company, exactly in the surrounding metropolitan area. Welcomed with a warmth, simple pleasure and honesty, this is certainly not merely a website to visit for, but to enjoy, for it serves the visitors a real delicate food’s order experience with delicious menus of breads, salads, pastries, soups, & others, in a family, homey atmosphere.

www.Mypanera.com Register Card

www mypanera com bread application

Thirty years ago. Started from his initiative to change the world by changing the way Americans eat, Ron Shaich found a restaurant concept which was estimated can be successful, Panera Bread. The industry began to grow, serving customers from handmade to fast food served in warm and welcoming ambience. He was awarded the 2011 MUFSO Pioneer Award as the most significant contributors to foodservice industry.

In terms of the www.mypanera.com management, it is Blaine E. Hurst, the Executive Vice President of Technology & Transformation, who is responsible for some roles including e-Commerce customer support this links to the website as the internet marketing and online resources.

The Panera Bread was actually the former brand of Au Bon Pan Co Inc, founded in 1981, until it was changed into the name as we know today 1999. In 2007, Panera Bread began to succeed and in September 30, 2014, there were 1,845 bakery cafes in 45 states and in Ontario Canada with not only offline marketing system but also online by delivering fresh and delicious artisan bread.

The visitors of this website must be the customers either new or frequent to buy Panera Bread products who want to get their breads delivered. Besides, some can check the website for checking the menus to order. Since the company established the community, the frequent visitors must be also the members to get in touch with the current and next event’s information.

There are five things you can get from this website. First, you will be informed with the menus details of Panera Bread completely such as bread, sandwiches, today’s soup, breakfast menu, drink, panini, and salad. When you want to order them online? Sure, you will be able to. Second, there is information of community services for members to get cooking classes and charity’s information. Third, there is the stories and recipes knowledge as well. The last one is to find the location where the stores located based on the cities you settle.

Mypanera Member Card

Panera Bread’s website, www.mypanera.com, compared to KFC, as the other’s fast food chain restaurant, even though having different menu items, is lack of promotion activity. Apart from their both great point of community service for helping needy people through donation, Panera is still one step ahead with its attractive website’s design than KFC.